Parish Advocates

The Parish Advocacy Program exists here at our parish and throughout the diocese to welcome people with disabilities, to address their spiritual, physical and social needs; and to help incorporate them as fully as possibly into parish life.

A disability is defined as any difficulty that limits a persons life activities. It can be physical, mental or emotional. It may include difficulty seeing, hearing, or any physical movement that may interfere with life’s daily routine. It can be from birth or come with age. Approximately one out of five members of our parish have some type of disability.

The Parish Advocates are Michael Seno and Mary Schuhl. The advocates are volunteers, chosen by Father Dan to assist him in working for and with our parishioners with disabilities so that we ma have a more welcoming and inclusive parish. Michael and Mary also work with the Office of Ministry with People with Disabilities in the diocese. To contact them please call Michael Seno (570-259-0430) or Mary Schuhl (570-743-7065).

The Parish Disability Advocate is available to assist parishioners with issues and concerns that may affect one’s ability to participate in Mass and/or other aspects of parish life. For an immediate need that might arise before of during Mass, kindly seek out the assistance of an usher.