Infant & Adult Baptism

We welcome and congratulate those families wishing to pass on the faith to their children through the sacrament of Baptism.

Godparents of the child to be baptized are to be practicing Catholics. The parents can request that one of the witnesses (Godparent) be of another faith. If the Godparents/Christian witnesses are not from this parish, they will need letters of good standing from their parish before the baptism can be scheduled.

The parent/parents of the child being baptized are to be practicing Catholic/Catholics and registered in St. Pius X Parish. If the child to be baptized is from outside the parish, a letter from the pastor of the family’s home parish will be necessary. That letter should state that the family is active and has taken a baptismal preparation class in that parish.

If you have attended a baptism preparation class within the past three years at St. Pius X Parish you do not need to repeat the session. However you will still need to contact the Parish Office prior to scheduling your child’s Baptism.

Baptism of adults and children over the age of seven is coordinated through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). We warmly welcome all those inquiring about becoming Catholic.

For questions and registration details about infant/child baptismal preparation class or information about RCIA, please contact the Parish Office at (570) 374-4113 or

Click here to download the Baptismal Registration Form.